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Take 10 minutes of your busy day for Torah. Spend one 1/100th of your day as meaningfully as you can! Different topics each weekday. Produced by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach of the Young Israel of Great Neck


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The story of Bilaam and Balak is very unique as it happens entirely without the knowledge of the Jewish people. This Ten discusses the Gemaras theoretical wish that the story be included in our da...
June 25, 2018
Take Ten to learn about what Parah Adumah teaches us about the unknowable nature of G-d.
June 21, 2018
We read this week of the Parah Adumah. In order to purify oneself from the most serious of impurity, the Red Cow ritual was performed. It's known as one of the most difficult to understand. But is it ...
June 21, 2018
Throughout Rabbinic writings, we have dozens of comments relating to the power of peace. Take Ten to learn how it is both the first of Middot and how it is always listed last as well.
June 20, 2018
In the aftermath of the Korach story, we find a final challenge to Moshe and Aharon's leadership. Take Ten to learn the symbolism in the story of the blossoming sticks.    
June 15, 2018
How does one fight the good fight? The Mishna in Mesechet Avot presents two different types of debate - one that is "For the sake of Heaven" and one that is not. This Ten analyzes the...
June 13, 2018
Our parsha describes a posture of prayer that seems to be of great significance. Take Ten to find out where and why "Nefilat Apayim," or "Falling on Your Face," gained such importance and power.  
June 12, 2018
The Torah prohibits a judge from taking bribes in very colorful language, warning that they will "blind" him. This Ten discusses the laws of bribery and where it applies. Is this only a warning...
June 11, 2018
In Parshat Shelach, we read the story of the spies negative report about the land of Israel and how the Bnei Yisrael cried in response. After all that G-d had led them through, why would they react s...
June 8, 2018
The minyan, or the "count," is a basic requisite for many of our prayers. This Ten discusses how we know that a minyan is made of ten people and more specifically - what types of people can they be?
June 4, 2018

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