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In this NEW series, R' Lerner explores the origin, significance, and makeup of the count of the 613 Mitzvot.
October 18, 2017
Why did G-d choose the rainbow to symbolize his covenant with Noah? Here are some surprising answers. (This one might sound familiar.)
October 17, 2017
While most people would consider the sin of theft to be one that falls under the category of sins that are between man and man, sources describing G-d's reaction to the generation of Noach seem to ind...
October 15, 2017
There are two well known opinions as to what we are meant to recall while we sit in our Sukkot. This Ten explores the opinion that we are supposed to remember the booths in which we dwelled for forty ...
October 4, 2017
The approaching holiday of Sukkot brings with it a variety of rituals, mitzvot and observances. This Ten attemps to provide a unified theory of it all and an explanation as to why this time of year is...
October 2, 2017
Every year it's the same. We enter and leave Yom Kippur exactly how we began and for all the Teshuva talk, nothing really changes. This Ten offers an insight that might get us down the path of more re...
September 28, 2017
In this Ten, we continue to explore R' Bachya's perspective on the eternal existance of the body after the Ressurrection of the Dead and how that affords us a greater understand of the "afflictions" o...
September 27, 2017
Before Yom Kippur we are supposed to seek forgiveness from others and to forgive those who apologize to us. Are there limits to who and when we must forgive? Take Ten to find out.
September 26, 2017
Over the course of the Ten Days of Repentance, we will say "Avinu Malkeinu" prayer tens of times. This Ten explains the special significance of this formulation and how it is constructed to mirror ou...
September 24, 2017
What do we mean when we constantly refer to G-d as "King" on Rosh Hashana? And why is Rosh Hashana the day on which we do? Take Ten to find out. 
September 19, 2017

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